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Books Trivia

  • Andrei learned English on his own by reading programming books. He had no actual speaking experience at all before moving to the US in 1998, one year before starting Modern C++ Design. He was 28 years old.
  • Andrei's writing style is virtually indistinguishable from that of a native speaker, with the signature of occasionally using quaint words of Latin origin (such as "desideratum" or "taciturn"). This is because Romanian (Andrei's native language) is a Romance language in which use of such words is more frequent than in English.
  • Reducing sentence length was the first thing Andrei needed to learn when writing English prose. English has considerably shorter sentences on average compared to most Romance languages.
  • All of Andrei's books were written after hours: Modern C++ Design as he was working at Netzip and RealNetworks, and C++ Coding Standards and The D Programming Language while he was working on his PhD at University of Washington.
  • With each new book, Andrei would take more control of the production process to the end of ensuring quality.
  • On a good day, Andrei would write 10 pages, but such days are relatively rare.